About Us


3-little-ducklings.com is your online destination for designer children’s clothing at a fraction of what you would pay in a retail store. We offer our members an extraordinary platform to buy and sell brand new and gently worn luxury gear. While many of us can appreciate the quality and durability of purchasing these types of investment pieces for our children, we don’t always love the price tag that comes with these high-end garments. And let’s face it, kids just seem to grow like weeds! So we’ve come up with a solution—by recycling our kids closets to fund further purchases (or pay for college…wink-wink) , we can keep them fashion savvy while teaching them smart economic skills, all at the same time!

The inspiration for this website comes from 3 adorable sisters who look at magazines and want every ensemble they see. They love being “fancy” and when I manage to navigate them out of Saks, the very next place they head to is the Ivivva store! So either way, financing their wardrobe has become a second job for me. Kiddie couture is expensive… but so is dance… and that’s why 3-little-ducklings was born.