How Selling Works

This is not your typical “consignment” store, you can keep your duds until they sell (and you can keep more profits too).

  1. Sign in (or create an account) and click on SELL, from there just follow the steps to submit your item. All listings are absolutely free!
  2. Once your listing is sent, give us 48 to 72 hours to review it. If approved, you will be sent an email notifying you that your item is live.
  3. If your item is not approved, this is most likely a brand that we currently are not selling. You will still be notified.
  4. Once your item sells, you will be sent a pre-paid UPS label. Simply package your item and ship to seller within 48 hours.
  5. If you cannot manage to get your item shipped with 48 hours, you will need to notify us or you will receive a strike. 3 strikes and you will no longer be able to sell on 3 little ducklings.

What are the fees involved?

  • If the product sells within 7 days, you receive: 92% of the purchase price.
  • If the product sells within 14 days, you receive: 88% of the purchase price.
  • If the product sells after 14 days, you receive: 82% of the purchase price.